Top Free AI Tools for Starting Your Business

written by Christine December 8, 2023

Starting a business can be a daunting task, but thanks to AI, new entrepreneurs now have powerful tools at their disposal to streamline processes and boost productivity. Here’s a list of the best AI tools for your startup:

1. Upmetrics

Helps you create comprehensive and professional business plans.


  1. Guides you through the business planning process with intuitive prompts.
  2. Can do collaboration with team members.


  1. Some advanced features may require a subscription.
  2. May need time to familiarize yourself with all features.

2. ChatGPT

Ask Open AI basically anything, like “Write a blog post for the top AI tools.”


  1. Can be used for a variety of tasks, from content creation to customer support.
  2. Speeds up communication processes.
  3. Adapts and improves over time based on user interactions.


  1. May not include very recent information (within months).
  2. May not excel in highly specialized or technical tasks.

3. Perplexity

Similar to ChatGBT, but includes original sources of information for better verification.


  1. Offers high-level language understanding and generation.
  2. Useful for various NLP tasks, including sentiment analysis and content creation.


  1. May not be as user-friendly for those without technical expertise.

4. Notion AI

Improves productivity by integrating AI-driven features into the Notion workspace– improve writing, change tone, automate specs, etc.


  1. Automates repetitive tasks.
  2. Seamless collaboration within teams.
  3. Unified and centralized workspace.


  1. Some users may desire more customization options.
  2. Advanced features may require a paid subscription.

5. Capcut AI Video Generator

Automated video scripting and editing, simplifying the process for entrepreneurs without extensive video production skills.


  1. Speeds up the video editing process.
  2. Requires minimal video editing expertise.
  3. Offers pre-designed templates and customization options.


  1. May not cater to advanced video editing needs.

Incorporating these AI tools into your entrepreneurial journey can not only save time but also elevate the efficiency and quality of your business operations

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